• Substance Abuse Counselor


    Date: January 19, 2020

    Minimum Qualifications:

    • Valid Driver's License
    • Successful Background Check
    • Successful Drug Screening
    • RDS Specialist or working towards RDS Certification

    General Responsibility:

    Work under general supervision of the Substance Abuse Director and other supervisory personnel as assigned and delegated by the Director. Accept counseling referrals from various sources. Set goals and objectives of treatment for each client. Refer clients to sources of more intense treatment, when necessary. Assist clients and their families regain a positive lifestyle.

    Specific Duties:

    1. Be capable and willing to counsel with the abuser of Alcohol and / or Drugs relating to them the possible results if they continue the abusive use of alcohol or drugs.
    2. Be able to conduct an interview with potential clients and assist them in determining a program of recovery.
    3. Provide the leadership in organizing and management of group treatment similar to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.
    4. Be capable of pursuing an academically oriented course of instruction in the field of Substance Abuse.
    5. Establish and maintain a cordial working relationship with the various Service Providing Agencies, including Public Health Department, Hospitals, Doctors, Ministers, and other responsible citizens.
    6. The ability to meet and discuss with legal and law enforcement agencies and others, the Substance Abuse program objectives.
    7. Provide supportive services for families of abusers of drugs and alcohol as required. These may include counseling, housing, food, energy assistance, etc.
    8. Provide services related to the area’s residential program.
    9. Maintain accurate, up-to-date case files on all clients served.
    10. Other duties as may be assigned.

    Authority and Accountability:
    The incumbent is delegated full authority necessary for the effective performance of the responsibilities assigned within the restrictions of applicable policies and instructions, and is fully accountable to the appropriate Area Supervisor for his / her performance.

    If recovering, the incumbent must have a minimum of one year of continuous sobriety and abstention. At least one year of experience in working with anti-poverty programs for others is desirable. This person should have background and / or knowledge of alcoholism and / or drug abuse and be able to make out various reports and intake forms relating to the alcoholism and drug abuse. Minimum high school education or equivalent is required.

    Special Requirements:
    Own automobile, driver’s license, and liability insurance.

    Email Resumes to [email protected]

    Applicants may also contact Crowley’s Ridge Development Council Human Resources Office located at:

    2401 Fox Meadow Ln,
    Jonesboro, AR


    The position will remain open until filled. Crowley’s Ridge Development Council is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).