• Family Development Specialist (Jackson/Woodruff County)


    Date: June 21, 2021

    General Responsibility:

    Connect with clients in Jackson County and Woodruff County to lead them towards self- sufficiency.

    Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
    1. Assessing cases and compiling case reports containing relevant information.
    2. Coordinate and provide care that is safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and client-centered.
    3. Ensuring that case reports are kept up to date.
    4. Providing support, guidance and counsel to individuals and families in need.
    5. Making referrals or introductions to other agencies.
    6. Scheduling and escorting individuals to appointments as needed to ensure positive outcomes.
    7. Motivating individuals to participate in programs that lead to goal achievement and change.
    8. Take the extra mile and interact with patients to keep track of their progress and to ensure satisfaction.
    9. Promote quality and cost-effective interventions and outcomes.
    10. Assess and address motivational and psychosocial issues.

    Nonessential Functions:

    Any other duties that may be assigned by the Department Director for the efficient operation of the agency.

    Qualification and Education:
    1. Bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, or related field.  CRDC reserves the right to substitute valid work experience in lieu of the education requirement. 
    2. Excellent knowledge of case management principles. 
    3. Effective communication skills. 
    4. Basic computer skills. 
    5. Must be socially perceptive to work with individuals who have difficulty expressing their needs. 
    6. Must be organized and practical. 
    7. Proven coordination skills to connect individuals/families with relevant services. 
    8. Ability to compromise, negotiate and work well with others. 

    Work Environment:
    1. Frequent Travel visiting with clients on and off site
    2. Office environment with moderate noise levels (printers, phones, foot traffic)

    Physical Activity:
    1. Must be able to sit, stand, walk bend, squat and lift.
    2. May occasionally be asked to lift and carry at least 30 pounds
    3. Must be able to handle the stress of travel.

    Special Requirements:
    1. Reliable Transportation, Valid driver’s license & auto liability Insurance
    2. Background Check, Driving records check, and drug screen

    Public Relations:

    Represent the Agency in activities related to the job.

    Authority and Accountability:

    The incumbent is delegated the full authority necessary for the effective performance of the responsibility assigned within the restriction of applicable policies and instructions and is fully accountable to the Director of Human Services.

    Crowley’s Ridge Development Council, Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer Acknowledgement:

    I understand this job description and its requirements, and that I am expected to complete all duties as assigned. I understand the job duties may be altered from time to time. I understand CRDC is a drug free workplace and I agree to take a drug/alcohol test prior to my employment and will be periodically subjected to random screenings for drug/alcohol throughout my employment with CRDC.

    To apply, click Apply Online and also send completed applications to our office:

    2401 Fox Meadow Lane, P.O. Box 16720
    Jonesboro, AR 72403
    Phone: (870) 802-7100
    Fax: (870) 268-1461
    Email: [email protected]