Services Available

  1. Administrative Overhead
    1. Grant Research – Staff in the Center conduct daily search for grants in several online resources, such as and the foundation center.
    2. Communications – includes emails, phone calls, conference calls, scheduling, meetings, and other necessary & ongoing communication necessary to serve clients most effectively.
  2. Grant Support
    1. Writing - Once grants are identified that fit with mission, project, or operational needs, client will be approached with opportunity in the form of a bulleted synopsis; once approved, team will do all data collection, research, calculating, writing, and packaging necessary to submit a successful grant application.
    2. Grant management
      1. Compliance.
      2. Budget (may include multiple grants as well as local match funds).
      3. Requests for Reimbursement.
      4. Reporting – monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, annual, close out.
  3. Finance & Accounting
    1. Organizational budget planning and management.
    2. Fund management [for Capital Campaigns – Fundraising].
    3. Accounts Receivable.
    4. Accounts Payable.
    5. Audit preparation.
  4. Human Resources
    1. Payroll.
    2. Benefits management & support.
  5. Information Technology
    1. Server support and monitoring (includes anti-virus software/monitoring)
    2. Email set up and support through hosted domain.
    3. Data back up and support.

Fee Structure

Base Fee of $250 / month for INITIAL service with an additional $50/month for each added service to cover administrative costs associated with communication, research, membership fees, and annual user fees.

All services for Grant Support, Financial Support, and HR Support are charged thereafter at an hourly rate of $35/hour. An online time tracker software will be utilized by all staff to efficiently and effectively track hours for invoicing purposes.

Information Technology is charged at $350/month for a package deal that includes server management, support, monitoring, and back up; and email set up and support through a hosted domain.

For More Information, please contact:

Hannah Barnett
Program Coordinator
Center for Nonprofit & Small Town Support
Crowley’s Ridge Development Council
(M) 870.819.6526
(O) 870.333.5118