Crowley’s Ridge Development Council is an Arkansas Community Action Agency serving the needs of citizens in Northeast Arkansas. CRDC is committed to helping families and individuals recognize their strengths, set realistic goals, make responsible choices, and become successful, self-sufficient members of the community. Collaborating with local, state, and national agencies, we provide a broad range of direct, anti-poverty services for moderate to low-income community members. We maintain an on-going commitment to reduce the effects of poverty and to empower individuals, families and communities to meet the challenges of today and the changes of tomorrow. CRDC programs focus on:

  • Family development
  • Crisis management
  • Affordable housing security
  • Health & nutrition
  • Substance abuse treatment and prevention measures
  • Supporting senior citizen independence
  • Community and economic development

Why Should You Support CRDC?

Over the past years, community action has been instrumental in establishing nationally recognized programs such as senior citizens programs, weatherization programs, child care programs, Vista Volunteers, etc. with a goal of helping people to help themselves. CRDC participates in a multitude of local, regional and state boards, advisory committees, organizations, and task forces. Each of these groups focus on making a difference in the lives of Northeast Arkansans. A twenty four member Board of Directors is responsible for the development of all agency policies, procedures, and overall management of the corporation. The Executive Director, manages the day to day operations of the agency. Community Action Agencies, like CRDC, have very low administrative overhead costs (on average, between 7 and 12 percent). Resources are invested directly in the community and families, not in bureaucracy. Our experience in operating numerous and varied programs under several different funding agencies since 1965 has provided us with an extensive background of state and federal regulations, licensing / registration requirements, health and safety standards, and nutritional standards.

  • Ability to adapt and change with the environment
  • Comprehensive programming and planning for low-income families
  • Financial accountability, stewardship and adherence to core mission and values
  • High degree of accountability for program results
  • Representative governance and organizational planning
  • Willingness to expand programming and create new programs to fit the changing needs of our customers and communities.