CRDC Services

CRDC Services & Programs


Under the Weatherization program, owners and renters of mibile or standard homes can apply for insulation and energy conservation services to reduce their energy costs.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Addiction can destroy your family, yourself and your dreams. Addiction will continue to control your life if you don't reach out and get treatment.

Regional Prevention Program (RPP)

Two of the RPP's goals are promoting healthier people while building safer communities in 13 NE & Eastern Arkansas counties. This involves the mobilization of as many people as possible in each county.

Housing Department

Everyone has hopes and dreams. Let CRDC help you design your path and support your journey to being more self sufficient.

USDA Child & Adult Care Food Program

Are you thinking about becoming a child or adult care provider? Families across the United States need quality care.

North East Arkansas Transport (NEAT)

North East Arkansas Transit, or NEAT, can transport for the following needs; shopping, medical, socialization, employment, education or public services/facilities.

Family Enrichment Program

The Family Enrichment Program works intensively with low-income families and individuals to help them set goals, learn how to utilize resources and complete goals all to support them in becoming more self-sufficient. This program works to address key issues and provide supportive services to overcome barriers that stand between families and reaching self-sufficiency.

Limited Services

We have emergency CSBG funds that can help with emergencies up to $300.00. This could be anything from needing help replacing a blown out tire to help replaceing a window that was broken. These services are only available for emergencies. This funding is limited and you can apply in all 8 counties.

Utility Assistance

This is a program that is designed to help people that are struggling to pay their utility bills. It usually starts in January and runs through March and again in July and runs until the program runs out of funding. This program assists with both regular bills and diconnect notices. All eight counties are open five days a week.