Human Services

Information & Referral

An important part of what CRDC does everyday is connect people with the services and information they need. If our agency does not operate the program or service you need, we will provide you with the necessary information and a referral to another local agency that can address your need.

Family Enrichment Program
  • The Family Enrichment Program works intensively with low-income families and individuals to help them set goals, learn how to utilize resources and complete goals all to support them in becoming more self-sufficient. This program works to address key issues and provide supportive services to overcome barriers that stand between families and reaching self-sufficiency.

Limited Services
  • CRDC received funding to assist individuals and families that suffer a loss of financial resources due to circumstances beyond their control with up to $500.00 when funding is available. Also, CRDC can assist individuals and families living unsheltered to obtain housing. Applications for this limited service will be available at specified times at your local community centers. Contact our office with questions at (870)802-7100.

Utility Assistance

This is a program that is designed to help people that are struggling to pay their utility bills. It usually starts in January and runs through March and again in July and runs until the program runs out of funding. This program assists with both regular bills and diconnect notices. All eight counties are open five days a week.