Under the Weatherization Program, owners and renters of mobile or standard homes can apply for energy conservation measures and services to reduce their energy costs. Houses that have NOT been weatherized in the last 15 years can be reweatherized. These services are FREE to those who qualify.


Qualified participants must be property owners or renters, and have income at or below 200% of current Federal Poverty Guidelines:

  1. Elderly and disabled
  2. Families with children under 18
  3. Documented high energy users

What You MAY Get From Our Weatherization Program

There are many misconceptions about what the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is and the services we provide. The primary goal of WAP is to reduce energy consumption, which in most cases means a reduction in your utility bills. After the energy auditor comes to your home, this audit information is entered into a computer maintained by the government. The Department of Energy (DOE) decides what measures are done to your home. Those measures MAY include;

  • Air sealing: (Caulking) in attics, around windows and doors, around plumbing penetrations and electrical wiring. Air sealing is the MAIN FOCUS of weatherization.
  • Insulation: Insulation in attics, walls and under floors gives you the GREATEST energy SAVINGS!
  • Re-venting of gas appliances: Improper exhaust of your combustion appliances can cause Carbon Monoxide to build up in your home. WAP detects and corrects these problems.
  • Energy Efficient Light Bulbs: WAP installs CFL bulbs, reducing the amount of energy spent on lighting your home by up to 80%.
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: WAP installs these detectors for your safety.

  • MYTH: WAP will give me new windows and doors.
  • FACTMost applicants DO NOT receive new windows. While new windows will improve the look of your home, the energy savings from windows do not justify the expense. Doors may be sealed with weather stripping, but are never replaced.
  • MYTH: Weatherization will repair, or give me a new roof.
  • FACT: WAP is NOT allowed to repair leaks or re-roof homes.
  • MYTH: WAP will fix my walls, floors, stairs, appliances, etc.
  • FACT: WAP works ONLY on energy saving measures. We are NOT allowed to do any cosmetic improvements to your home.
  • MYTH: WAP will give me new appliances.
  • FACT: The energy auditor will take the model number of your refrigerator to see if a newer model will save enough energy to justify the expense of a new unit. This is rare.
  • MYTH: WAP will repair my floor that has fallen in or collapsed.
  • FACT: WAP cannot make any structural repairs
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How To Apply For The Weatherization Program
  1. 1. Pick up an application (or one can be mailed to you)
  2. 2. Complete the application and provide income documentation and proof of ownership OR, if you live in a rental unit, you must provide a statement from the landlord agreeing to the service.
  3. 3. Wait for your application to be approved and placed on our priority waiting list.

For More Information
Contact Joe Mansfield via e-mail or call him at (870) 802-7100.

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